About Retrospective

Retrospective: Putting UA Stories on the Map is a student-created project through the University of Alabama’s Creative Campus. By connecting personal stories to specific locations, both past and present, we hope to preserve the memories that our campus holds as the University continues to grow and change through the years. Our idea is that we can connect the University’s campus to the people who make it come alive through a retelling of the stories that make each place special.

Retrospective is meant to serve as an open forum for students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and all others connected to the University to share their stories no matter the topic matter. In good faith that our contributors remain respectful, we do not edit, censor or curate any of our submissions. However, if we feel a story is disingenuous or intentionally harmful to others, we reserve the right to leave it off the website.

Retrospective was built with the help of Drew Erny. If something is broken, you should email him at drewerny@gmail.com.

About Creative Campus

Located within UA’s Office of Academic Affairs, Creative Campus is a collaborative system connecting students, faculty and community to nurture innovative thinkers who turn ideas into action. Creative Campus strives to collaborate and establish partnerships across campus and in the Tuscaloosa community; in doing so, the organization serves as a voice for the cultural arts. At the center of Creative Campus is the undergraduate and graduate intern program. For more information on Creative Campus visit: http://www.creativecampus.ua.edu

About The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama, a student-centered research university, is experiencing significant growth in both enrollment and academic quality. This growth, which is positively impacting the campus and the state's economy, is in keeping with UA's vision to be the university of Choice for the best and brightest students. UA, the state's flagship university, is an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.