Listing Stories

Date Title Storyteller Location
May 1987 Self-fulfilling Prophecies Ginger Ittenbach Gorgas Library
2009-2010 Getting fired from radio DJ job Jacob Crawford Reese Phifer Hall
February 10, 2015 Dog Rescue Squad Tommy Ercoli & Berkley Beaulieu Lakeside Dining
October 2013 DayQuil adventure Mo Quinn Sorority Row
Fall 2014 First Friend on Campus Anna Schmitz Ferguson Student Center
February 13, 2015 Elephant Never Forgets Kindle Williams The Quad
1987 Big Daddy radio DJ Lee Rives Burke Hall
August 8, 2014 One Time, at Band Camp... Corey Patton MDB Practice Field
Fall 2014 False fire alarm Anthony Lipscomb Burke Hall
Fall 2013 Trapped Nadia Dugas Aquatic Center
September 2014 Attack of the Quad Squirrels Katie Noriega The Quad
September 2012 Racism and Activism Anthony James The Strip
2015 Graduate Student Stress Huy Vo Gordon Palmer Hall
Summer 2013 Journey to UA Christina Irion The University of Alabama
2014-2015 Naked exchange student George Murdison Paty Hall
Fall 2013 Coffee Bean Memories Celia Rudd Ridgecrest South
Fall 2011 Infamy in Embarrassment Michael Thomas Coleman Coliseum
February 2014 Sass Battle with Graduate Assistant Alanna Fagan Rowand-Johnson Hall
October 2014 Skinny Dipping at Shelby Chad Hankins Shelby Quad
January 25, 2014 Snowpocalypse Snowball Fight Daniel Munger The Quad
Winter 2006 Covert Cupid Joseph Wright The Quad
1997-2001 Falling All Over Matt Dardy Woods Hall
Fall 2011 Cinnamon Story Tara Lynn Steele Somerville Hall
July 16, 2012 From Witness to Nurse Felicity Steele Capstone College of Nursing
2013-2014 Experience as an Avanti Megan Birkes Ferguson Student Center
Fall 2013 Westboro Baptist Church Comes to Town Travis Hyde Ferguson Student Center
Fall 2013 Bike Purge Day Theo Monk The Highlands
September 2014 Sharing Stories Becca Murdoch Lakeside Dining
November 18, 2011 Meeting Gene Stallings Cindy Rudd Bryant-Denny Stadium
1974 Work and Progress Ken Blanchard Russell Hall
August 2014 Full Moon Cam Carver Ridgecrest South
2014 Falling in the Ferg Betty Florey Ferguson Student Center
Fall 2014 Starting a Fire Sydney Smith Maxwell Hall
February 2014 The Perfect Crime Matthew Wilson Lakeside Dining
November 2013 Sometimes Things Work Out Caroline Bechtel & Ross Green Ferguson Student Center
Fall 2013 Publicly Faceplanted Rosie Chilton Smith Hall
1963 Integration at the University Robert McCurley Foster Auditorium
2007 Free Food & Friendship Jennifer Greer The University Club
August 2014 Scavenger Hunt Shelby Anderson The Quad
November 25, 2013 Senior Recital Thomas Wilson Moody Music
August 2013 Broken Doors, Repaired Friendships Mario Cernadas Paty Hall
2005-2015 Finding Inspiration Brandon Chicotsky ten Hoor Hall
Swim Schooling Margaret Brown Aquatic Center
Spring 2015 Hawk eating Quad squirrel Jessica Hauger The Quad
March 2012 Moving On with the Help of the Black Warrior Josh Eyer Egan's Bar
Fall 2013 Deep Conversations Alexa Tullett Midtown Village
First MDB meeting Susanne Hibbard Reese Phifer Hall
Fall 2013 Arduous Arboretum Osagie Jesurobo Arboretum
October 2013 Surprise! Jordan Sandy Ferguson Center Parking Deck
Fall 2014 The Best View for a Football Game Alaina Boukedes Lloyd Hall
June 22, 1991 Wedding at Gorgas House Linda Watson Gorgas House
August 2009 Ghost of Phifer Rachel Raimist Reese Phifer Hall
August 2014 Leaving a Legacy Gevin Brown & Mary Ann Cooper The University of Alabama
1970s My Roommate is an Ape...literally Walter Flowers Old Apartment in Downtown Tuscaloosa